There are many facilities maintenance services that need to be employed in office parks and complexes. They aid in preserving the operation of the building but also in ensuring the safety and security of employees and residents. We have highlighted seven services and their potential risks if they are not maintained:

Contingency planning & disaster recovery

Strategic and tactical planning is essential so that in the event of a fire or major disaster, employees and residents know where to go and how to recover and access what they need quickly. This involves many aspects ranging from recovery sites, to emergency exit routes, to first aid skill capability as well as awareness and practice tests runs for staff and residents.

Critical site management

Ensuring that all regulations are adhered to, researching new technologies to employ, training and supporting civilians are specialist skills that lie with the function of critical site management. The role is usually employed to ensure compliance to a high standard of safety and security is independently maintained.

Power generation & on-site fueling

Managing energy sources in areas at risk of potential power cuts due to extreme weather conditions is essential in ensuring safety and business continuity. Managing your power generation plan is essential to any maintenance service so that you are never left in the dark.

Security & access control systems (gates & fences)

Protection from the unauthorized entry of unknown entities is vital for the protection of your people and your assets. In today’s world we are reliant on the steadfast operation of complicated access control systems to provide us with peace of mind.


A simple electrical fault can costs business or complex a lot of money. Electrical maintenance affects everything from well-lit areas to ensure optimal visual conditions to correct power distribution so that appliances do not get damaged. A professional electrician is always recommended to ensure safety standards are adhered to.

Plumbing & HVAC

Running water, drainage and temperature regulation are key sanitary, comfortable conditions. We tend to only call in the maintenance when we need identify a problem. But there are plumbing and HVAC maintenance programs that can help decrease the repair costs in your building minimizing costs and inconvenience.

Preventative maintenance programs

Sometimes we don’t see a problem until it has happened. Consult professionals to advise you on keeping up with steady maintenance plans so that your repair costs don’t pop up unexpectedly. An experienced professional is well versed in the lifespan of different aspects of your building and can save you a small fortune by just sticking to specialized routine checks and maintenance.

Warranty tracking

Any outsourced service, device, appliance or product that you purchase should come with a warranty to protect you from unreasonable failure that is no fault of your own. However there are so many warrantees to keep track of that this area of facilities maintenance is often neglected. Ensure warranty management to understand and plan for the potential risks you face over the lifespan of your building if your equipment should fail.

MDS Builders is a facilities maintenance company that provides a comprehensive list of risk management support services. Ensure your structure is safe, secure and well maintained and contact us today for more information.