Developing a realistic construction project timeline is an important part of effective construction project management. Unfortunately challenges do present themselves along the way that can delay a project, but having a timeline set in place to work to is vitally important. A construction project timeline is required for the following reasons:

  • Property owner needs to have the construction project completed by a specific date. An effective timeline will ensure that all parties know what pace to work at and what progress needs to be made at the various stages / times of construction.
  • Labor, building materials and equipment must be paid for and time is of the essence in order to keep these costs to a minimum. Timelines / schedules can help you to effectively plan financially for these.
  • Changing seasons can affect weather conditions. In some instances it may be vital to complete a building while the weather conditions are still favorable. An effective timeline can ensure timely completion.

When developing a construction project schedule, it must include a start time and an expected or estimated duration for each listed activity or phase. It’s always a good idea to cater to some delays as a result of weather, material delivery delays and potential schedule conflicts with your contractors.

A Gantt chart is popular to use. This is a chart with all the construction activities listed to the left of the chart with reference start and progress dates at the top. This is merely a representation of appropriate time frames for each task. Important aspects or phases to feature in your construction project timeline include site preparation, foundation work, dried-on shell completion, mechanical rough-in completions and finish work.
If you want to get the most out of your construction project timeline, hire a professional construction project management team who ultimately make use of latest project management software, programs and mobile apps that help all parties stay on track with the expected timeline.

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