Ensuring a structure’s historic significance endures the test of time will involve maintenance and refurbishment during its lifetime. In today’s world we have the luxury of using modern technology to enable coordination of the project, making a complex process easier and more efficient. Here are two vital areas where technology improves construction project management for historical refurbishments:

Feasibility Studies

Too often owners and investors leap into historical refurbishments without rationally evaluating the risks or threats they stand to face because of the age of the building. Today modern technology allows us to conduct relatively simple evaluations using input measurements, environmental criteria, and resource costs to get realistic costs expectations so that we can compare them to the value at hand.

Construction management services are now able provide estimates that incorporate not only material costs and operations and management costs, but also impact and results of marketing research and policies, financial data, legal requirements and tax obligations. This is vitally important in the refurbishment of historical buildings as removing or replacing key features not only impacts the cost but could actually decrease the value of the property. Technology enables us to list each feature and its cost and benefit of restoration or replacement.

All of this is brought together using feasibility studies on software that decreases the time and effort required to determine the calculation. The results are also computer generated and are presentable automatically in formats that can identify opportunities and threats.

Project management

Careful planning and coordination are important in every construction project. However in historical refurbishments they are so much more complex. From specialist skills to rare finishes or materials, or old ventilation systems and discoveries during demolition, each aspect need to be categorized, estimated and tracked according to an expected implementation timeframe and budget. Commercial construction companies have leveraged off of technology and software to integrate project management applications that are able to link to emails and work on mobile devices. This creates a user friendly, transparent way of managing the project that is easily integrated into other parts of the business model like budget management, risk assessment and productivity.

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